Games Of Mine That I Want You To Play

Stuck Balls

There is two balls, they are stuck, just try to get to the flag.

Stuck Balls

Play Here!

Pogo Jump

You are a pogo stick! Jump Away!

Pogo Jump

Play Here!

AfterLove(Oop Doo)(Local Multiplayer for 2 Players)

Oop Doo, is a split-screen mobile game takes place at afterlife. Story starts with death of a couple that loves eachother. But when their souls journeys within limbo, they lost each other. Our goal in this game is reunite this couple!

After Love

Play Here!

Heawin(Local Multiplayer for 2 Players)

Play Here!

Monster Hole

Chug Dudes To A Volcano!

Monster Hole

Play Here!

Cool Projects

Laps Project

Visual Scripting Plugin for Unity 3D. Try It Now!

Tabletop Turkeyifier

Solves imgur and pastebin ban issue in tabletop simulator for turks. Go To Github Repo!

Jurassic World Aftermath Playstation VR

Full on Jurassic World Game that is on playstation VR.

Race Table AR

An AR Game where there is a target image in a table, which will look like an Cross Race Track when looked by this app. It was made to be selled to expo organizations.


A 2D Multiplayer Battle Royale game. Worked on this with a friend for 11 months. Discontinued due to technical debt.

Mobge Video Telemetry System

I built a system that records and uploads gameplay footage from the user. Which allows MobGe to continuously improve its level designs and game mechanics.

Mobge Polygon Visualizer

I rewrote and improved an existing system which automatically applies textures to 2D shapes, which allows level designers to create beautiful levels without aid from the art team. It has similar functionality to Unity Sprite Shapes.


Other Stuff That I Made That You Really Don’t Need To Know More About

  • Mobge Build Automation
  • Mobge Git Hooks Manager
  • Mobge Git Submodule Manager
  • Sticky Slime 3D
  • Anaconda
  • Koi Garden
  • Snake Physics Multiplayer
  • Super Box Platformer Deluxe
  • Giant Of Taka VR
  • Extreme Physics Proffessor
  • Bosslu ┼×ey