• Bluetooth connectivity will not work after this modification
  • On my system, when you first plug the usb cable, it almost never connects at the first time; I’ve added #define NO_USB_STARTUP_CHECK = yes to the config.h to fix it. I’m really not sure why this fixes it but I’ve got the idea from here. > https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/issues/5585

How to do it:

  • Using this guide; https://sonixqmk.github.io//SonixDocs/install/

    • Setup QMK environment with Sonix QMK repo
    • Apply config and keymap files
    • Download “Sonix Keyboard Flasher”
    • Compile QMK Sonix fimware with this command -> qmk compile -kb keychron/k3/rgb/optical_iso -km iso
    • Binary is at your home “qmk_firmware” folder and named with “.bin” extension
  • Disassemble the keyboard (you dont have to disassemble everything, just remove the keycaps next to the screws)

  • Switch to cable mode

  • Uplug keyboard

  • While shorting boot Pins; Plug the keyboard to PC

  • Keyboard should be unresponsive and “Sonix Keyboard Flasher” app should see the flashable chip

  • Set settings: device = SN32F24x, qmk offset = 0x00

  • Then Flash QMK with the binary that you made in the compiling stage.

  • You dont need to disassemble keyboard to get to bootloader mode anymore, just press Fn+Esc

My Compiled Firmware: Download Firmware

Source Code: Firmware CI Repo